PDF for Paperturn trial is 256MB.


    Account Options, Google Analytics, LOGO, Text for unauthorized persons.


      Paperturn displays the pages is like a book.


        With Paperturn you are able to turn the page by the corner


          Paperturn is based on Google Analytics.



            • - Have more accounts on the same e-mail. - Annually discount - 12$/month
            • - Edit the background color with the color picker.
            • - Optimize the SEO for your PDF flipbook.
            • - Easy flipbook system.
            • - Have a CName (Alternate domain name).


            • - Receive just one flipbook at the trial.
            • - Cannot add a song or change the navigation effect for mobile or add flip sound.
            • - The size of the flipbook doesn’t change upgrading.
            • - Cannot insert a video.
            • - Cannot edit the page in the viewer, you just have to make it again PDF and overwrite it to the existing page.

            Paperturn is an online flipbook maker with which I came across half of year ago. What amazed me first was the fact that in the 14 days trial I could try whatever feature I wanted. I could upload a PDF with the size of the maximum 250 MB which is something very good if you have clients and you need to make a big catalogue for. The odd thing was the fact that you have only one slot available, which means that you can upload just one PDF. What I also liked at Paperturn was the way of turning the page because you can do it in three ways: by the button, by the corner of the page and if you have a mouse, by its scroll. If you want to zoom you can do it by the button or clicking on the part you want to zoom. I like at the Account options that you have Google Analytics, your own logo and even text for unauthorized persons. I like it that it is really like a book because of the display of the pages. You have one cover page and it continues with two pages. It also can be downloaded after you edited in the Paperturn editor as PDF again. Another drawback I consider to be that you can just modify the background image, it does not have flip sounds.

            In what Features concerns, I just want to highlight the fact that you can send the flipbook via e-mail and also to add YouTube videos in the flipbook. Another feature is the fact that the flipbook which is storage in the Cloud, it gives more confidence. If you love to share everything that you do then you are lucky, one of the Paperturn’s feature is the built in social media tools which makes sharing easier. The last point I want to highlight is the fact that the flipbook is responsible, that means that you can view it either on your phone or tablet.




            When I login on my Paperturn account the top menu changes and instead of Log in I have my name,also, the Upload and Prices buttons disappears instead of them being Upgrade button. If you click on your name a dropdown menu will appear in order for you to choose whether you want to go at:
            Publications, Account Settings, Personal Settings, Upgrade/Downgrade, Accounts or Logout. If you will click on the publication it will display all you publications and you will be able to edit them. If you go to the Account Settings, you will be able to modify the default values of your new publication, background, colors, logo, privacy and API access credentials. If the next stop will be Personal settings you will be able to change the personal information, password or date, time. At the Upgrade/Downgrade, you can easily upgrade your account to another version or downgrade and receive your money back. If you have more than one account, you can easily switch them in the Accounts menu and if you want to Logout, click on the last button.


            Paperturn is not expensive, monthly for a Basic Paperturn you will have to pay just 15$. I think it is a best choice and definitely worth’s the try.

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