File upload 100 MB/ Plus Plan 250MB/Premium PRO 500MB


    Notification panel and the analytics panel in the Account options


      Choose show you one or two pages.


        Turning only by button


          Lifetime statistics



            • - Lifetime statistics.
            • - 25 free flipbooks and unlimited trial period.
            • - With one button you can go to the last page.
            • - Can add widgets to the flipbook.
            • - Can choose to publish the flipbook so others can see it and share it or like it or you can choose not to do it.


            • - Have only one way to turn the page, which is by the special button.
            • - In the Account Options you can just verify your notifications and statistics. It is expensive, the Pro version is 39$.
            • - Can upload a PDF of just 100 MB on the trial.
            • - If you choose to view the pages as one, you cannot view all of them on the bottom of the page.
            • - The Account and Editor are not user friendly, I found them very hard to use.

            ISSUU is an online flipbook maker for which I used just the trial. I didn’t really like it and I will tell you why. First, you can upload a PDF of just 100 MB so I had to cut the pages in order to fit. If you want to upload a bigger one you just have to cut it into pieces to make more flipbooks because in the free trial you can make 25 flipbooks. This is just to the free version because at the Premium one you can upload maximum 500MB PDFs. If you want to turn the page you have to do it the right way by the button, no cheats like scroll or something. If you want to zoom it a little you can click on the part you want to zoom, or if you want to zoom more there is a special button. In what Account Options concerns you can just verify your notifications. What I found as a plus is the fact that you can choose to see one page at a time or two, but it is not so much of a book like that though. In what features concerns I am glad that you can add music to the flipbook, it is mobile friendly and you have also statistics.


            ISSUU is not very user-friendly and you may get a little bit confused. Before you sign in to your account, the menu consists in Explore which is the front page so you will see other flipbooks, Publish button which will take you to the page which will explain you and persuade you why to choose ISSUU. After the Publish button you will see a search bar with which you will be able to search the whole content on the website. After it you will have two other buttons, Sign up and Sign in. After you sign in or up, another menu will appear under the page menu where you will find buttons like Publication list, where you will find all the flipbook listed, Statistics where you will be able to see where happen with your publications and the Facebook App. On the website menu, the Sign in and Sign up buttons disappeared, appearing the Account icon and the Upload button, with which you will be able to upload your flipbooks easier.



            ISSUU is not that cheap, at least for me is rather expensive for a PRO profile you have to pay 39$. I don’t know if it is really worthy.

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