Instant Flipbook

Instant Flipbook

Instant Flipbook

Instant Flipbook

PDF for Instant Flipbook trial is 100 MB.


    Account settings.


      Choose to start at a specific page.


        Turning by button or by the corner.



          • - Have unlimited number of pages if you upgrade at Basic.
          • - Can modify all the colors in the viewer.
          • - Receive discount if you upgrade to Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.
          • - Can have the flipbook offline if you want if you upgrade to Basic.
          • - Can resell the flipbook to your client.


          • - The maximum size of upload-form is 100 MB.
          • - Just 7 days of trial.
          • - Don’t have social media on trial.
          • - Cannot host the files on your website on trial.
          • - There are no statistics.

          Instant Flipbook is a really good but not so known flipbook converter. It has a lot of features that many flipbook converters does not but it is of course direct proportionally with the price.



          The first feature that I really liked was that you can change the colors of everything, from the buttons to the background of the viewer and make it more like your style. Moreover, you can put an image in the background if you don’t like to have a color. Furthermore, you can choose to have page flipping sound or not, or even page shadow. Wow! Did I just say page shadow? I haven’t seen this feature to any flipbook converter that I came across. Of course that if you disable page shadows it won’t look like a flipbook anymore but anyone can choose whatever they want.




          Instant Flipbook has another interesting feature called speed, here you can choose the desired flip speed of your page which can be from fastest to slowest. More than that, your flipbook can start on the page you choose to do it. When I login to my Instant Flipbook account, the top menu changes. When I am not logged in, the menu consists in: Home, Feautures, Pricing, FAQ, Blog, Contact and Login/Signup. After I login, instead of Login button is Profile where you can edit your profile by changing the First name, email or password.

          Instant flipbook is kind of expensive as for a monthly Basic Account, you have to pay $77 flipbook.

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