File upload 100 MB/Premium PRO 500MB


    Account options so you can add a profile picture and cover photo


      Flipsnack displays the pages is like a book


        Set the flipbook to auto-flip, by corner, button


          Flipsnack had a lot of statistics



            • - Has very detailed statistics.
            • - Can add widgets to the flipbook.
            • - Can change the navigation effect for mobile or add flip sound.
            • - Can add a category to the flipbook.
            • - Can search through all your flipbooks.


            • - Kind of hard to use the account, it is not user-friendly.
            • - Have just one account.
            • - Expensive, 32$ per month.
            • - The double-click zoom is almost not zooming at all.
            • - Can upload PDFs of up to 500 pages each, but each collection is limited to 100 MB.

            I have first tried Flipsnack a few weeks ago, but just the trial. I found out that I can upload just a 100MB PDF for trial which is small for me. I like the fact that you can upload 100 PDFs. I really liked the fact that if you want you can set to auto-flip the page at how many seconds you wish or you can turn it by the button, by the corner of the page or by another button on the top of the page. If you want to zoom just a little you can double-click on the part you want to zoom or by the button exactly how much you wish. Another good thing at Flipsnack is that you are really creating an account with profile and cover picture. It displays one page for the cover and two for the rest so when you read you feel like you are reading a real book. I also like that it has flip sound and you can change the navigation effect on the phone. I really like their features like mobile friendly, it has a rich media editor or it is compatible with wireless presenters.



            The Flipsnack menu is very simple before you login, you have just browse, where you can see other flipbooks, Features where you will find a list with all the features, Business tells you about what you can do with the flipbooks if you have a business or Sign in. After you sign in, it will appear to more buttons with the names: My collection where you can click to see your flipbooks and My profile where you can setup your profile. If you are with the mouse on your name, you will see there that how much space do you still have, the button which will take you to the Account options, Go Premium button with which you will upgrade your account, Stats which stands for statistics, Help and Support, there you will be able to find a  section to help you and the log out button.


            In what prices concerns, I have to say that the Basic profile is kind of expensive for me, 32$ per month and I think I will go to a cheaper one.

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