PaperturnPaperturn is an online flipbook maker with which I came across half of year ago. What amazed me first was the fact that in the 14 days trial I could try whatever feature I wanted. I could upload a PDF with the size of the maximum 250 MB which is something very good if you... Read More »


FlipsnackI have first tried Flipsnack a few weeks ago, but just the trial. I found out that I can upload just a 100MB PDF for trial which is small for me. I like the fact that you can upload 100 PDFs. I really liked the fact that if you want you can set to auto-flip... Read More »


ISSUUISSUU is an online flipbook maker for which I used just the trial. I didn’t really like it and I will tell you why. First, you can upload a PDF of just 100 MB so I had to cut the pages in order to fit. If you want to upload a bigger one you just... Read More »

Instant Flipbook

Instant FlipbookInstant Flipbook is a really good but not so known flipbook converter. It has a lot of features that many flipbook converters does not but it is of course direct proportionally with the price.   The first feature that I really liked was that you can change the colors of everything, from the buttons to the background... Read More »