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I first though about making a flipbook online softwares review because there is no such thing about this on the internet. Today more and more people want to make flipbooks but they don’t know the inside information and how to choose the best software, the one that fits their needs. Moreover, as I searched, the best way to make a review is to start from scratch, I mean to create an account and to see at the first glance what I like and what I dislike. Luckily, most of these online software you can test for a limited time, for me it is just enough to see what they are up to and to think if it is worth to pay for it or not. I searched on Google a list of online flipbook converter and I took the average ones, because the best ones are also the most expensive ones. I narrowed down my findings to three names: ISSUU, Paperturn and Flipsnack. How did I do that? Well, this is very simple, I looked at the prices, number of visitors, features and let’s not forget the design of the website. It is well known that if the website is dull the product will not be so good.

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